About Us

We are a voluntary non-profit group of concerned local people working, in partnership with the London Borough of Bromley, the parks contractor (idVerde) and others, to influence local decision makers in a positive manner.

The objective of our organisation is to secure the preservation and enhancement of the parks and gardens adjacent to the centre of Bromley and which are environmentally contributory to the Town Centre Conservation Area; namely Library Gardens, Church House Gardens, Martins Hill, Queens Mead, Queens Garden, College Green, and Bromley Palace Park (aka Civic Centre grounds). In addition the Friends are interested in areas adjacent, in particular the wooded slopes and verges of Beckenham Lane, the Valley School Field and Grounds, The ‘Bromley Oak’ and landscaped verges of Kentish Way, plus the Glassmill Pond (off Glassmill Lane). These are shown in green in the map below.

Bromley Town Centre green spaces map.

‘We know that good parks are vital for our health and wellbeing, they support economic growth and tourism, and they play a significant part in addressing climate change in our cities.

HLF report ‘State of UK Public Parks 2014’

Parks are not currently a statutory requirement for local councils and therefore at risk. You can make a difference to the future of our public green spaces. This can be either in an active role or just as a supporter of our aims.

If you live locally please support us by becoming a member and help make a difference.

Our group is one of a large number of  similar Friends groups committed to other public parks and green spaces in the London Borough of Bromley. For more information look at the Friends Forum website.

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6 thoughts on “About Us

    • Originally part of the Bromley Palace property, and possibly site of a manor house, Church House Gardens was constructed by an Abel Moysey, presumably named so as on church land (Bromley Palace) and next to the parish church, who leased the land from the Bishop of Rochester’s agent in 1832. He was responsible for landscaping the grounds; creating lawns, shrubberies, and fishponds.  The carriage drive created can still be seen today off the entrance on Church Road. Originally the turning circle for horse drawn carriages, it has become one of Bromley’s award winning flowerbeds. In 1926, Church House and its grounds were purchased by Bromley Council who paid £7,000 for an estate of over 11 acres including the house and three cottages.  It was opened to the public by the Mayor,  Councillor B.A. Granville; a very grand affair with the Bickley Band entertaining visitors in the afternoon followed by a spectacular Bromley Silver Band concert to conclude the fanfare in the evening. Along with the Parish Church, except the tower, the house was destroyed in an air raid in April 1941. Only a later copy of the balustrade and the garden remain. I hope that this helps.


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