Heritage Visit to Bromley Palace Park

129DC1BF-B779-4532-9427-FD1B0A949A41On Wednesday we had a very useful site visit with staff from Historic England, an official government heritage organisation. Along with representatives of our Friends group, Bromley Council and idVerde, they discussed how to best restore the listed features currently at risk. These Grade 2 listed features are; Ice House, Pulhamite Rockeries, Ha-Ha and Folly. With significant developments planned for this site it is vital to protect these heritage assets. Historic England will be now be liasing with Bromley council as the site owners, and the Friends group will continue supporting this important initiative. This part of the extensive Civic Centre is an important public park, designated as an Urban Open Space and also now a Local Green Space.

You can find out more about this park and its heritage features on our page Bromley Palace Park (aka Civic Centre).

2 thoughts on “Heritage Visit to Bromley Palace Park

  1. I have noticed that the Pulhamite Cascade is in serious need of some TLC and I am looking to get the permission to do some voluntary work to keep it an object of the public eye so people can admire why it still stands today. Many thanks.


    • Thanks for your offer of help. Unfortunately we are constrained in any significant work on this as it is Grade 2 Listed and on Historic England’s ‘At Risk’ list. Recently HE visited the site and they are currently in official efforts with L.B.Bromley, as site owners, to carry out urgent remedial work. Our group continues to push for this work, and also on other listed features here. There are other volunteer work possibilities here and other town Center parks. Contact chair@bromleytownparks.org.uk to find out more.


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