Massive new development impacts park

A planning application has been submitted for a major new development on land immediately adjacent to Library Gardens. The development is called ‘Churchill Quarter’ and it has a planning reference 18/02181/FULL1. Below is the proposed view from Library Gardens. The tallest block (Block B) would be 15 storeys, even taller than the existing theatre/library complex. All this on the highest part of the town centre. Some 40 families would be displaced for this commercial development, using council compulsory purchase orders.

North elevation.png

After studying their proposals we believe that this will have major impacts on this public park, due to its massive nature and the overshadowing of this lovely park. We have entered into a joint campaign with the Bromley Civic Society to oppose this planning application.
To view the planning application in detail please go to the council’s planning web site

A Bromley Civic Society presentation showing the visual impact of this development can be found at 

  • We urge you to object to this planning application – every objection can make a difference.

More in depth information about our joint campaign and how to submit your objections please go to our Library Gardens Campaign page.




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