Dogs in our parks


While it is great to see responsible dog owners walking their pets in nearly all of our parks, there are some areas in which dogs, other than assistance dogs, are unwelcome. This is to ensure that in these ‘dog free’ areas wildlife, along with people, especially young children, can remain safe. For example children can get an infection from dog waste left on the grass that they play on.

Such ‘dog free’ areas are; Church House Gardens (part) and Queens Garden. The entrances to these areas are clearly marked (as in above image). Sadly in a very few cases irresponsible dog owners ignore such restrictions and deliberately take their dogs into these areas. So doing they risk the well being of children and other park users and a possible £80 fine.

If you come across any such a miscreant, please call Bromley Council Enforcement on 0208 313 4870, or Ward Security on 0845 476180

4 thoughts on “Dogs in our parks

  1. It would be really helpful to have a list of parks where dogs are welcome in Bromley. I have searched and searched but I can’t find any clear, consistent information. For example, are dogs allowed at the Civic Centre/Bromley Palace Park grounds? And are there parts of Church House Gardens where dogs are welcome?


    • Thanks for your comments. Dogs are welcome in the following town centre parks.
      Martins Hill & Queens Mead*
      Church House Gardens – but only in the part from Ravensbourne Road entrance, below the skateboard/tennis courts via the footpath by the Mill Pond through to Glassmill Lane.
      College Green*
      Am unsure on Bromley Palace Park and will respond on this as soon as possible.
      * In these parks there are dog mess bag dispensers installed.
      Please note that ‘Assistance Dogs’ (e.g. for people with visual impairment) are not restricted in this way.


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