Bromley Palace Park campaign

As mentioned in our relevant Parks page, this is public space is of local historical importance, being the site of a palace for the Bishop of Rochester for many centuries. It is also the location of number of listed structures. See our relevant Parks page for details.

While it is now a public space, sadly underused by the public, much of the Civic Centre site is now earmarked for commercial development in the council’s Bromley Town Area Action Plan (BTAAP) and their later Local Plan.

Cover of Friends response to BTAAP.

Friends response to BTAAP.

The BTAAP was published, initially in 2006, can be viewed in several parts on the council website. The relevant part can be downloaded  here. Our Friends group, along with HOBRA (now Bromley Civic Society), produced a response to this plan again in 2006.

This is park was identified as Opportunity Site F on page 77 of this document. While the later Local Plan amended this they still identified the following opportunities.

• Redevelopment of existing civic office floorspace and associated functions.

As the council outsources its services and reduces its staff their office space has been concentrated into a few buildings on site.

• A low density residential development of about 20 units.

Until recently these two buildings, built as student accommodation when a teachers training college, were council staff offices. Now empty they would be demolished and replaced by high-end housing.

It is our concern that with the sale off of public lands these extensive developments access to the park will be greatly restricted, particularly from Rafford Way, as this public space is mainly exploited for the benefit of the few! The impact on the park, especially during construction works are also of concern.

Area for sale inside red lines

In August 2019 the council announced the sale of the above council owned land, including the Grade 2 listed Folly (see above site plan).

We continue to campaign, along with Bromley Civic Society, against these developments. For latest developments please go to our Home page