Working party on Glassmill Pond

For our latest working party we chose a hot bank holiday weekend, which was probably not the most sensible. However this urgent decision was taken as at the time there was a large number of shopping trollies and scooters dumped in the pond. However Environment Agency staff had removed them before we turned up, so saving us a lot of hard work – phew!. We also decided that with the island very overgrown it was not safe to go on there. 

Working party volunteers
Working part volunteers

However we still had plenty of tasks to be done – and we achieved the following — 

  • Collected 4 large bags of rubbish, including a number of golf balls, tennis balls and two footballs
  • Cleared two large piles of undergrowth and saplings from around the weir end (see ‘after’ photo below).
  • Partly cut back an overhanging buddleja bush near the concrete ramp. This has been trapping some pollution from upstream for some time (see above images). 

Our next scheduled working party will take place on a weekend sometime in November, when we hope that the vegetation will have died back and we can safely work on the island. If you wish to get involved please Email. You can find out more about Glassmill, and our project to refurbish it HERE.

Mill Pond Pollution

Yet again the Mill Pond in Glassmill Lane has been polluted, this time with either petrol or light diesel oil. This was spotted on Saturday morning and reported to the Environment Agency. Thames Water staff have now fitted booms to contain the problem, both at the entrance to the pond, as well as downstream just inside Queens Mead.

An earlier pollution incident

This incident is particularly worrying as it comes when ducks etc are starting breeding. Already several moorhen chicks have been lost. This also greatly impacts smaller invertebrates living in the water or silt. In the absence of any rainfall it is to be sincerely hoped that this pollutant will soon dissipate. This part of the Ravensbourne is sadly recognised by Thames Water as a portion ‘hot spot’, with illegal dumping and domestic plumbing misconnections. They are having some difficulties locating many of the sources of such pollution.

The Mill Pond is currently the subject of a plan to upgrade this historic pond. Led by Thames21, with support from the Friends of Bromley Town Parks & Gardens, Environment Agency, Thames Water, etc. it is hoped that funding for this can be agreed in the coming months. In the meantime you can find out more about our plans at

If you wish to get more immediately involved in volunteer days at the Mill Pond please contact

Successful Tree Planting Event

As part of #NationalTreeWeek volunteers recently attended a @BromleyGreenGym event in College Green #Bromley, to plant thirty native tree saplings, as well as a couple of fruit trees. It was sunny and dry, and so with their help all scheduled tasks to were duly completed.

Family to the ready
Volunteers planting saplings

Also volunteers prepared the ground for a new improved willow dome, which will be completed in the next few weeks.

Digging up turf for new willow dome

Afterwards the volunteers were able to celebrate all their efforts over a hot drink and biscuits. Everybody mentioned what a good time they had.

The saplings were provided by Mayor of London, and the fruit trees were bought by Bromley Green Gym themselves.

Bromley Green Gym, who help maintain this park, run sessions in College Green, College Road BR1 1PA – every Friday 11am-2pm and welcome anybody to turn up and take part.

Pond Refurbishment Starts

August 1 2017 003

Friends members cleared the water, mud and stones out of the pond, with some help from the local idVerde team. In doing so they chad carefully relocated some six smooth newts found in the mud. A small but long crack was identified as the reason for the slow leak in this pond. This and other cracks would be repaired as soon as possible; and then refilling and restocking with suitable plants to make it attractive again for frogs, newts, etc.

This concrete lined pond is found, where the entrance hall of the former Church House was located. This building was very badly damaged by bombs in 1941. Only the faintest outline of this building can still be found on the ground.