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  1. Hi
    As a resident of Bromley I regularly walk in the Church House gardens and along the river towards ShortLands.
    I am increasingly concerned about the state of the river that ‘flows’ through Bromley between Church House gardens and Glassmill lane towards Shortlands. Over the past 2-3 years it has become silted up. There used to be a clearly defined island in the middle of the wide part of the river. The trees have fallen across the river and plants have grown on the silted parts.
    There have been shopping trolleys and, weirdly, golf balls there!
    It is such a pity as it used to be a real Nature reserve.


    • Dimity,
      Yes the condition of the mill pond is very sad. Despite regular attempts to get Bromley council, as site owbner, and other organisations to implement proposals to fully enhance this with for nature & heritage has received any set backs. However since 2020 there has been renewed interest in this project, and we remain somewhat hopeful in the near future that, despite problems, this will obtain the necessary approvals & funding in 2022. Please continue to follow our campaign web page for the latest on this project.


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