Countryside in the Town Centre!

IMG_2339.jpgJust two minutes from the busy Bromley High Street you could think yourself in the countryside! Part of Church House Gardens, called Dickerson’s Copse after the late local conservationist Gordon Dickerson (1932-1987), is currently full of cow parsley.

IMG_2338.jpgA common hedgerow biennial plant, it is part of the wider umbellifer family which also includes carrots. It normally flowers for May only and so we will soon lose its frothy white flower heads for another year. A good reason to take a trip to this bit of the ‘countryside’ now!

3 thoughts on “Countryside in the Town Centre!

  1. Let’s us hope Bromley Council don’t destroy it . I don’t trust them anymore.

    I have fond memories of the gardens from my childhood in 1950’s . Dad used to take us to listen to the band , I think he enjoyed it more than us but it was quality family time


    • We are campaigning to try and ensure that this park, and others, are kept safe for both younger and older users. Our representatives are attending a meeting this evening to learn more about the potential impact of the views of Churchill Quarter development on both Library Gardens and Church House Gardens. Will put more facts about this proposed development on this web site as they become known


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